Is iGaming Legal in New Zealand?

  • Jan 20, 2021

With so much taking the stage in nearby Australia, many players from New Zealand are once again left wondering about the legality of online iGaming in their own motherland. Simply putting it, many Kiwis are just lost for thought in regard to whether it is safe to play their favourite online casino games and need to be sure that they are not breaking any laws either. The point is, as a player, you are breaking no law by playing at your favourite casino. Click to read more.

Are There any Locally Licensed Online Casinos in New Zealand?

Indeed, there aren’t any laws that prohibit private gambling in New Zealand. With that off our chests, lets now explore some of the laws that govern online iGaming in New Zealand. At this point in time, all Gambling and iGaming activities in New Zealand are governed by the Gambling Act of 2003. Notably, this act doesn’t cover for the possibility of having locally licensed online casinos in the country. In this regard, there are no local online casinos that operate from New Zealand. Click for more about this topic.

Legally, setting up such an entity in New Zealand would therefore just go against the laws of the land. On the other hand, there is simply no law that prohibits Kiwis from playing casino games in offshore casinos. It, therefore, goes without saying that you can always play casino games in an offshore casino you deem fit. For this reason, international casinos are also within their rights to offer their services to Kiwis. Players can have a good time here and withdraw any winnings coming by as well.


Picking Good Online Casinos in NZ

Since there are no local licensing bodies to take care of casinos for the Kiwis, it is therefore up to the players to make the right choices and decisions. There are simply hundreds of online casinos that welcome New Zealand residents to their platforms. It’s however advisable to be keen with the casinos we opt for. Firstly, be sure to check out for licensing from bodies such as Malta Gaming Authority or even Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Casinos with licenses from the aforementioned bodies are usually reputable business and that you can trust your money with them.

Other than this, there some other factors that you may need to check out very well. These include bonuses and promotions. Such is bound to improve your user experience and even boost your chances as well. As earlier mentioned, New Zealand remains a very attractive market for casinos and you may, therefore, find some few online casinos offering very nice bonuses and promotions specifically for Kiwis. You, therefore, will be spoilt for choices in this regard, more so if you are a Kiwi, or even residing in New Zealand.

Bitcoin Casinos in NZ

Considering the fact that iGaming isn't prohibited in Kiwi land, let's look at some of the casinos that are doing well for Kiwis. One of such casinos is the Bitcoin casinos. These are essentially casinos that provide the Bitcoin currency as a way to deposit or even withdraw funds. With Bitcoin casinos, players can always withdraw funds anonymously. This is of course for those overly cautious players that don't want to leave footprints of their iGaming activity on their financial books. There could be many reasons for this!

Additionally, with Bitcoin casinos, Kiwis incur very negligible transaction charges as to when they use the mainstream payment methods. Indeed, the Kiwis may have slight challenges with payments to casinos as some of their financial institutions are a bit cagey to when it comes to dealing with offshore online casinos. Bitcoin transfers are however not restricted by countries of jurisdiction as they are purely conducted over the internet. For this reason, quite a number of Kiwis find it more convenient to play at online casinos offering Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Play Online & Have Fun

So if you are gambling online, there isn’t any need for alarm. It’s just perfectly legal to do so. The only thing you perhaps should worry about is playing at a reputable offshore casino and simply avoid any complications that would arise with rogue operators. You also may need to note that proceeds from Gambling here aren't taxed, so you also shouldn't worry about that as well. There is only an exception for professional gamblers that do gambling for living in land-based casinos. These are required to remit taxes.

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